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Support and Resistance, a Deeper Understanding

Today, let's take our level of understanding to a deeper level by actually simplifying the picture of quality support...
by Sam Seiden - May 03, 2008


  Think Like A Goose

The human mind is not wired to trade properly. Our decision making process is not like most other animals...
by Sam Seiden - Apr 20, 2008

Sources for Trading Opportunities in Stocks

Keep in mind that most if not all the opportunities I have outlined here will offer you the desirable entry very...
by Sam Seiden - Apr 05, 2008

Seriously, I Thought It Was A Joke...

the movement of price in any and all free markets is a function of pure supply and demand...
by Sam Seiden - Mar 02, 2008


The Morning Gap, Low Risk Opportunity for the Astute Market Speculator

Whether I am trading or instructing a stock, futures, or options class at Online Trading Academy, our lowest risk and...
by Sam Seiden - Feb 27, 2008

The Qualifier - Support (demand) and Resistance (supply)

There are many ways to trade and keep your trading low risk and high reward. You can use chart patterns, indicators,...
by Sam Seiden - Feb 15, 2008


  Indicators And Oscillators Are Wonderful If You Use Them Properly

Most active traders use indicators...
by Sam Seiden - Feb 10, 2008

Find The Novice Trader

The approach of discovering how to do things wrong in an effort to learn how to do something right has some...
by Sam Seiden - Jan 18, 2008

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